Let's make this a joint (ad)venture

Sponsoring Mel isn’t just about providing financial backing to support her medal hopes and goals. It’s about becoming a key part of her team.

Becoming a sponsor means that you get to share Mel’s dream and be a part of her adventure, while getting additional endorsement for your organisation by way of marketing, guest appearances and brand recognition. Mel’s tailored Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship packages allow you to choose your level of investment and support.

Alongside her sport, Mel is an advocate for supporting others to push their own boundaries, teaching new skills and instilling confidence and belief through leadership roles in an outdoor active environment. Mel passionately champions the great outdoors and its huge benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. Mel is working with such organisations as Ordinance Survey on their Get Outside campaign to promote the importance of being active whilst getting outside. In spring of 2018, Mel launched her own non profit organisation, Beyond Barriers; encompassing projects to combine her own skills and learning to work with individuals and groups facing barriers in life.

Whether it’s the athlete, the leader, the speaker, the writer, or the adventurer you’d like to invest in, Mel would love to have a chat with you about how sponsorship with her could also benefit your organisation.

My racing career so far would have not been possible without the support of my team of current sponsors and those who have contributed and I am eternally grateful for all their support and ongoing partnerships.